Our company was established in 1980, providing sound and picture services for every kind of events. It’s goal is to professionally and consistently offer solutions that provide the perfect result in competitive prices.

Through cooperations with notable factories around the world and at the same time high technical know-how, we offer rental services and selling of sound and light equipment, covering every need.

We also have a lot of experience in installing and supporting permanent installations in theaters, entertainment venues, retail stores, coffee shops, hotels, etc.



The importance of customer service, quick responses, fast and on-time delivery of equipment, flexibility to meet customer requests and to have a reliable, high quality services to offer are essential for our business.

With Delta Audio Services this is all guaranteed!

At Delta Audio Services we are always available to listen, understand and respond with an impressive efficiency. Innovative and high quality gear give us the confidence that we are your right partner.



Our team of partners is consisted of excellently trained technicians and sound and light engineers, who cooperate fully to ensure the best result. 

Through constant training and education, we constantly strive to stay updated on all the recent developments and to improve the know how on new and existing products.


Technical Support

Our company offers constant technical support to its partners and customers, whether it is during a show or event, or after undertaking a permanent installation. We also provide repair and consulting services.